Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How to register for School Connect Online Test Series?exam

To register at Online Test Series website, follow the following steps:
  • Click on the 'SIGN UP' option available on the home page.
  • On clicking Sign-up, a new page
  • opens prompting you for some basic information.
  • Fill in with the relevant information and click on "Create My Account" button.
  • An activation E-mail is sent on your registered E-mail address.
  • You can login through OTP with your registered mobile number.
  • Your Mentioned mobile no. & E-mail id will be the medium for all the future alerts and announcements relevant to your package if you have one.

2. How to buy School Connect Online Learning Packages?exam

After Successful login, to buy Online Test Series, follow the following steps. From the home page go the packages and select your best package to learn through School Connect Online,to do this follow the process
    • Select the packages from Grow,Connect and Compete.
    • Then click on the buy Now Option.
    • After clicking to the buy option the page will take you the student registration page.
    • After registration of the relevant package you will be directed to the secured payment gateway.
    • After the completion of payment you will be directed to your student platform with all learning resources immediately.
  • 3. Is there any Last Date of getting enrolled in School Connect Online packages?exam

    No,the packages of School Connect Online is available every time with one year of access duration.

    4. How do I train myself for online learning and test series?exam

    We recommend you register for Demo Login of School Connect Online,which gives you an opportunity to practice and understand the flow of learning. Once convinced with the working of student portal register to pay and subscribe to the your own subscribed student login.

    5. When will I get my student platform and all test Papers after Payment?exam

    If the payment done Online then your account will be activated instantly after payment.

    6. What is the Test Timings for Online Test and other Mock Tests?exam

    There is no particular Time to take test. Online Test papers will be activated as per the schedule given on website or can be accessed immediately after the payments. A student can take test anytime and anywhere but he/she cannot take test before test opening date as per schedule of online test series(If it is given).

    7. Can I get the print out of the Test Paper after the test and result?exam

    No. Printing of test papers & result is not allowed, but you can view your submitted test paper and result on your online testing platform any number of times.

    8. Can I Retake the Test?exam

    No, you cannot retake the same test,rather you can do to the assessment of the test submitted and take remedial steps to not repeat the same mistake.

    9. When will I get Result of my test?exam

    You will get your result, current ranking & performance analysis instantly as you submit your online test.

    10. Are you providing Solutions of the Questions?exam

    You are provided with the Answers instantly after submitting the test and Solutions.

    11. Will I get any Study Material with online test series?exam

    Yes School Connect give students reading notes and 36,000+ videos.For more details of online test series with study material,register for free demo.

    12. Will I get any Doubt Session with Faculties?exam

    At present we are not offering doubt counter facility to the students enrolled for online packages. Rather the online platform is designed so that a student can evaluate his/her performance and gets an exposure to variety of questions and reading resources and make you self sufficient and to makes you familiar with the topics to become learned for life time.

    13. What do I get on School Connect Online?exam

    At School Connect we have broken down studying into 4 parts:

    • The Learn section gives you thousands of videos with hours of learning, reading concept notes and study material.
    • The Practice section adapts to your progress and gives you the right questions, to practice unlimited times until satisfied to perform.
    • Then hone your knowledge or learning skill with real and live mock test.The Tests section gives you real exam practice and lets you compete with students from around the country.
    • Once done with Read,Practice and Test, spend time in analysis of knowledge and remediate the GAP analysis to perform better next time

    14. I go to a school, coaching class and individual tuition, why should I use School Connect Online?exam

    School Connect objective is to make you self sufficient with all resources to enhance your knowledge and learning ability with no intention to replace your existing resources. School Connect Online helps you make the most of your available time. You can learn or practice anytime, anywhere at your own pace.

    15. What additional learning resources I needed with School Connect Online?exam

    School Connect Online gives you ample access to practice questions until you get satisfied to perform,36,000+ videos for every concept of chapter with 6000+ hours of learning,questions with hints and solutions. See your progress of learning and its analysis to remediate optimum learning progress. All these are neatly organised into chapters and topics.So with School Connect Online, everything you need is available at the tap of a button. You will never need a book!

    16. What is the Connect package?exam

    The Connect Package includes Online Learning Material and Videos, Practice Test and Deep analysis of academic activity in this modules. With Online Classes you get access to over 6,000+ hours of video lectures, Reading Notes.

    17. What is the Grow package?exam

    The Grow package contains all the features of the connect Package, while additionally offering preparation with NCERT Sample papers,competion prperaton like SOF,IMO,NSO,IEO,NSTSE,ASSET,JEE,NEET,AIIMS etc. Every question is personalised to help you learn better to become learned for lifetime.

    18. What is the Compete package?exam

    The Compete package is a comprehensive learning solution that includes all our modules – Videos, Learning Notes, Practice Questions, Exam/Competition Preparation and Performance Analysis.

    19. I am a student, what learning facilities I will get from School Connect Online?exam

    If you are searching for best learning progress you should follow - a guided learning progress which discipline you with read,practice,test and Analysis then you will become learned for life time,School Connect supports you with all the subjects(Not Hindi) reading notes,videos,practice questions,mock tests and NCERT solutions in a single student login .

    Class 6th to 8th is the foundation stone for your Maths Learning with lot of simple mathematics calculation for the enhanced maths solving skill,science with lot of knowledge and social science with foundation to make career in NTSE,Civil Services and more.

    Class 9th to 10th is the second to the class for the career development and its progress, which laid the foundation for your analytical skill through your Maths and its Ability to solve problems based on your knowledge of subjects, developing knowledge for foundation JEE, science with knowledge to comprehend surroundings, study the foundation for NEET and social science with foundation to learn Civil Services and learning’s to gain scholarship for NTSE.

    Class 11th to 12th is the junction for your career growth, with lot of option to shape and sharpen skill with subjects like Maths,Science,Arts and Humanities, Commerce etc.

    Advance Maths, Physics, Chemistry knowledge to become scholar from KVPY and fulfilling career into research with IISc,IIT and other collages. More focused learning in Biology for deep knowledge to Join collages like AIIMS and other National Level Medical Collages thorough NEET and AIIMS competitive exams. So for best of learning and career development login and register for School Connect Online.

    20. Does School Connect Online Provide videos for chapters?exam

    Yes School Connect Online provides more then 36,000+ videos with 6000+ hours of learning, which are topic wise, best viewed and developed for easy understandings.

    21. What are practice questions in School Connect Online?exam

    Practice questions are the most important and integral part of any learning development, in the disciplined learning process after reading , practice plays a vital role to understand the chapter concept with lot of questions to connect and to increase knowledge. School Connect Online, provides questions to practice with unlimited approach and give opportunity to analyse progress after every practice.

    22. What is the difficulty level of the questions from School Connect Online and how much useful every question is for my studies?exam

    Every questions of school connect is very unique and painstakingly developed to meet your preparation for school exams to competition preparation. To meet the motivation and academic development we add questions from easy to moderate to difficult level, and to meet the need of students who wants to take challenge in their studies HOTS and Value based questions are also there. We ensure every student is important so to make them engage, students can practice at their own pace and solve questions as per their level of knowledge of understanding and pace of learning.

    23. What subjects from School Connect online I am able to study?exam

    Maths,Science,Social Science,Physics,Chemistry,Biology,General English,Logical Reasoning,English Ability(Grammar) .

    24. What all exam preparation I can do with School Connect Online?exam

    School Connect Online Students has an advantage to do preparation for their school exam as well as for the preparation of IMO,IEO,NSO,NSTSE,NTSE,JEE,NEET,KVPY and all science oriented Scholarship Exams.

    25. How School Connect Online is helping aspirants for competitive exam preparation?exam

    School Connect Online is providing single window online preparation for various entrance exam and many model test papers/reading notes/guided video lectures prepared by the experts on board:

    • Chapter Based Notes, Video Lectures, Practice Papers, Mock Test for JEE Mains and Advance, NEET, KVPY, AIIMS, CBSE, SOF, ASSET, Eduheal etc.
    • For NCERT,NEET,JEE previous year's papers and chapter wise analysis.
    • Best Guided Videos with regular topic wise knowledge and concept building, Practice Papers for the deeper knowledge and Practice with comprehensive solution.
    • Performance update for continuous learning, practice and mock test activity to analyse knowledge and learning GAP.

    25. How School Connect helps students for JEE Advanced (IIT JEE), JEE Main,NEET, AIIMS, NTSE, KVPY and other School levels Scholarship exams is helpful to us?exam

    School Connect Online provide all categories of Learn,Practice,Test and Assessment for a thorough preparation of Competitive exams like JEE Advanced (IIT JEE), JEE Main, NEET, AIIMS, NTSE, KVPY,SOF,ASSET and other School levels Scholarship exams in which we follow:

    • Read: The objective is to learn concept each chapters with best learning notes and variety of videos to learn and understand concepts to solve tricky questions with varying difficulty levels.
    • Practice: As you learn more and more topics during learning and preparation cycle, it is imperative to practice questions with various difficulty levels with solutions, it is an important exercise to build concept to solve simple to advance level questions.
    • Mock Test: School Connect brings you the best and user friendly test platform with facility to mark Integer Based Questions,MCQs,Single Choice Options,Matrix Match,Partial Marking,Comprehension.A real live test environment created to enhance question attempt agility,accuracy,time management.
    • Performance Report : School connect helps you to identify you weakness with every academic activity so in advance a remedial steps can be taken.

    26. What is the Strategy and Planning to Crack competitive exams like JEE Advanced (IIT JEE), JEE Main, NEET, AIIMS, NTSE, KVPY and other School levels Scholarship exams?exam

    Every chapter is important for examination like JEE Mains and Advance,NEET,AIIMS,NTSE,SOF,ASSET,NSTSE,KVPY,NDA and students should thoroughly learn and practice each and every chapter to get good rank at all India level, but sometimes it is not possible for each and every student to justify the complete syllabus. In such situations, if a student does his or her preparation on the basis of previous years analysis of the questions asked in every subject, then perhaps he/she can study focused way more on the areas which are more important and from which the percentage of the question asked is quite high. AND in addition to this:

    Get a better understanding about the syllabus and expected marks from each portions. Make a timetable and complete a portion of syllabus each and every day. Take notes of important points and shortcuts.

    Attend Chapter wise model papers, Daily Practice Problems each day without fail, and strictly follow the time spent per attempt and monitor every result every day as rate of success. Take as much as possible test before date of competition which will ensure your Time Management, Preparation and Proper Exam Management with error free environment. For the above strategy and planning in School Connect we have created a 100% simulation by offering the bouquet of Online Learning for entrance exam preparation of JEE Advanced (IIT JEE), JEE Main,NEET, AIIMS, NTSE,KVPY and other School levels Scholarship exams.

    27. How to improve ranking in JEE MAIN,JEE Advance,NEET,AIIMS,NTSE etc?exam

    well-conceived study plan and regular mock tests would help you streamline your preparation to progressive perfection and

    Strengthen Your Weaker Subjects

    Identify the chapters whose questions were difficult to solve. Consult teachers and faculty for clearing doubts. Allocate extra hours every week for the difficult subjects and doubt-clearing sessions. Discipline is the key to follow the time table. Keep one hour in a week for self-analysis and correction.

    Utilise the gap between exams

    Board exams and attempt to JEE MAIN,JEE Advance,NEET,AIIMS,NTSE etc being closely scheduled, Preparations for both need to be planned meticulously.

    However, the challenge remains about how to focus and go about it to emerge victorious in exams. There are certain sub-topics in various subjects which generally get more weight age in the boards because the questions are subjective type. Students should carefully study chapters along with the question from the sample papers and practice with online resources to analyze the performance GAP as necessary tool. And a good number of problem-solving is essential, but one needs concept clarity to accelerate success. And its vital to have a discipline flow of learning which should have read, practice, test and analyse. Login to School Connect Online to see the only and best disciplined learning environment.

    28. How do we ensure the reliability of the preparation module provided by School Connect Online for my School Exam, JEE Advanced (IIT JEE), JEE Main, NEET, AIIMS, NTSE, KVPY and other School levels Scholarship exams?exam

    Since we believe in optimum quality and zero tolerance methodology but to ensure the reliability and credibility one can register and login for free to check the demo for JEE Advanced (IIT JEE), JEE Main,NEET,AIIMS, NTSE,KVPY and other School levels Scholarship exams. More School Connect give access to best learning(Best Notes and Guided Videos),Practice(With variety of questions and elaborated solutions),Test(User friendly test platform) and Assess(Analyse performance to become best for real exam).

    29. What additional benefits will I as a students get with School Connect Online Course?exam

    • School Connect Online Courses are designed to empower the students in learning various problem solving techniques with reading notes and videos, enhancing their analytical skills, building up examination temperament.
    • Practice Papers with various difficulty level questions and elaborated solutions to enhance learning and examination skill.
    • School Connect Online help students understand the key basic concepts of competitive exam for Class VI to X and XI to XII for the preparation of SOF, ASSET, NSTSE, EDUHEAL, NTSE, NEET, JEE.
    • School Connect Online program help students to secure good marks in their respective class as well as help to excel in various professional entrances

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