FAQ’s for SCO International School Connect Olympiad

Olympiad Exam 2023

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1. What is the pattern of School Connect Online Olympiad exam?

The question paper will have objective type (multiple choice) questions only.

2. How much time will I get to complete the test?

You will get 60 minutes to complete the test.

3. Can I take a part in more than 1 Subject Exam?

School Connect Online conducts 7 Olympiad subjects in total, as it is conducted by same organization all the subjects are different from the other, a student can take part in all the subjects according their interest and as per class eligibility.

4.How does a student benefit by taking Olympiad exams?

Participants of Olympiads are ranked on the basis of marks obtained. Hence, after taking the first level of the test, students can judge themselves academically at second level.
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

A Student Performance Report is sent to each pupil (SPR). In addition to providing a complete performance comparison of the student with other students at the school, city, zonal, and international levels, the SPR also analyses the student's strong and weak areas.

Based on their international, zonal, and school rankings, students receive appropriate rewards. Each year, prizes are announced, and they can include cash, medals, gifts, certificates, etc. At a gala prize presentation, select international toppers from each class are given recognition.

5.Why one should participate in Olympiad Exams?

Olympiad exams expose students to the competitive world. Exam questions are based on a more advanced comprehension of subjects than is included in the regular syllabus for each class. Students get the possibility to comprehend complex concepts while studying for these tests.

6. Do these exams require special preparation?

Yes. As the subjects covered in these tests are of an advanced level, considerable preparation is necessary to perform well on them.

7. We have less than 10 students in our school who are interested to take part in IMO, ISO. Can we still enroll for the test?


8. In how many languages the School Connect Olympiad Examination is conducted?

School Connect Olympiad conducts exam in English language only. Question paper pattern is on MCQ’S format.

9. I am interested to participate in the School Connect Online Olympiad Examination, tell me the guidelines.

All the details regarding the exams will be sent to the schools, the Brochures, Registration forms, students can get all the information from school teachers or can visit School Connect Online Olympiad website at - https://www.schoolconnectonline.com/

10. Do students have to fill OMR sheet with black pen?

Students can use any pen, black or blue but it must be a ball pen. Our recommendation would be that student first fill the OMR sheet with the pencil so that they have the option to erase and attempt again in case they fill it up wrong the first time.

11. Can students get extra blank page for rough work?

Yes, extra sheets will be provided.

12. Is it one – time online/offline Olympiad exam? Or I can attempt anytime I want?

Yes, it is one time online/offline Olympiad exam, the student is allowed to take the test only one time.

13. Does the date and time recorded when a student clicks and opens the exam tab for the first time?

Yes, when the student clicks and opens the exam tab for the first-time date and time are recorded.

14. What will happen when a student clicks on the exam tab?

Once the student clicks on the exam tab, a new window opens. He/she is not allowed to quit/close the exam tab (with/without attempting any question).

15. How can a student login for the Olympiad exam in School Connect Olympiad?

Candidates registering for SCO Olympiad will get their Enrolment ID. The same Enrolment ID can be used as ‘User Password’ by the candidate who is participating in the Olympiad. Registered candidates can use their respective Enrolment ID for actively participating.

16. How practice questions of School Connect Olympiad help students in scoring good marks in Olympiad?

Undoubtly, SCO’s practice questions are high quality questions, with high IQs level questions which makes a student fully prepared for the Olympiad exam. There are lot of tricky questions that takes a student to achieve excellent in the exam.

17. Is there image questions also?


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