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Prepare for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad : School Connect is the intelligent computer system that uses a complex and dynamic adaptive learning system based on the current student learning need and their academic development. The Learning tool developed to establish a guided learning process, so no student left unattended irrespective of their learning ability. All learning and understanding assisted by more then 38000+ videos with unlimited practice opportunity very important for early learners in different field of interest with deep tech integration.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad(Artificial Intelligence) Quick Information
Marks: 100 Papers: 2
Month: Sep Seats: 400
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Prepare early learner for future with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Technology and Robotics with School Connect Online

About School Connect Online –

School Connect Online is an integrated learning program for schools to create a single window of learning process to engage each and every student with teachers, school and parent in a disciplined environment of schools with reports to analyse and remediation.

School Connect Online is Funded and incubated by Startup Oasis, Jaipur an initiative of CIIE –Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A).

School Connect Online is a brain child of Samnish Edtech Pvt Ltd, it started with a view to revolutionize way to teach and train online. It’s a cloud-based learning delivery platform with a suite of integrated features .

School Connect Online is a mission to provide a low cost, internet – based learning platform for students aspiring for career in their area of interest. It’s a one stop solution for Schools/Institution, Teacher, Student and Parent to make an effective learning system in a disciplined environment. School Connect is committed to establish a well established network of schools and education institution. To propagate evidence based learning management system.

Our commitment and endeavor has been identified by our mentoring and funding partner Start Up Oasis an initiative of CIIE – IIM A. Since then our emphasis and commitment on delivering best quality Learning Management system become more strong.

About Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad (AI Olympiad)

School Connect Online is pleased to bring to you "Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Olympiad" for children of class 6th to 10th. Artificial Intelligence gives students an opportunity to address the growing demand of learning STEM subjects. It has the potential to positively transform lives and work practices, raise efficiency and safety levels and provide enhanced levels of service.

The Artificial Intelligence Career Landscape

Artificial Intelligence is used in almost every industry, from entertainment,medicine,travel to transportation, yet we have a massive need for qualified, skilled professionals and the demand will grow leaps and bounds.

Artificial Intelligence has been a sound career choice for a while now because of the growing adoption of the technology across industries and the need for trained professionals to do the jobs created by this growth

From chatbots to robots to voice assistance, AI over the years have proved that it is here to stay, not to fade. So, it is high time for people who are into AI or want to take a career in AI, should start preparing and early learner will be benefited more because of their easy adoption to change in technology.

The Three Main Stages of Artificial Intelligence

AI is rapidly evolving, which is one reason why a career in AI offers so much potential. As technology evolves, learning improves. Van Loon described the three stages of AI and machine learning development as follow:

  • Stage one is machine learning - Machine learning consists of intelligent systems using algorithms to learn from experience.
  • Stage two is machine intelligence - Which is where our current AI technology resides now. In this stage, machines learn from experience based on false algorithms. It is a more evolved form of machine learning, with improved cognitive abilities.
  • Stage three is machine consciousness - This is when systems can do self-learning from experience without any external data. Siri is an example of machine consciousness.

Industries Currently Using Artificial Intelligence

  • The self-driving car is probably the best-known use of AI.
  • Predictive maintenance is another part of AI, forecasting when maintenance will be needed so it can be done proactively
  • AI is used in transportation, such as for train scheduling and to help Uber drivers navigate routes.
  • Smart cities use AI to be more energy-efficient, reduce crime, and improve safety. The many applications of AI today are countless, and growing in number all the time.  
  • Many big brands are already using AI, including IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and Accenture.

Popular Job Roles In The Field Of AI

  • Machine Learning Engineer: It is considered to be one of the best careers option in the AI space.
  • Robotic Scientist: A Robotic scientist is someone with significant formal education and builds mechanical devices to perform various tasks.
  • Data Scientist: A data scientist is someone who collects, analyse and interpret data from various sources to performs and builds AI tools.
  • Research Scientist: A research scientist is someone who is responsible for designing, undertaking and analysing data

Business Intelligence Developer: The demand for Business Intelligence developers have skyrocketed in recent years. BI developer spends a lot of time researching and planning solutions for existing problems within the company.

Educational and Knowledge Prerequisites   

CBSE recently identified AI as best learning option for students to become early learner for their future career.

With the advent of technology AI will revolutionize the outlook of Job Market in future.

After China and Russia, Indian education system has adopted AI as the part of curriculum in all CBSE schools.

Important for Students to also build up a base in these areas:

  • Computer Science: Coding expertise with popular programming languages such as Python, Java, Julia, Lisp etc.Physics, engineering, and robotics
  • Mathematics: Algebra, calculus, logic and algorithms, probability, statistics
  • Bayesian networking (including neural nets),Cognitive science theory

Learn with School Connect Online

School Connect Online gives early learner a platform to learn and prepare for Artificial Intelligence with its basics.

School Connect Online gives free notes,practice questions to students for the preparation of Artificial and Robotics Olympiad.

The best thing about this course is that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge to get started.


Since inception,Artificial Intelligence has been playing a vital role in the technology space, improving the quality of life across various industries. And talking about what the future holds, it is hard to predict.

And, the way Artificial Intelligence is evolving, we are very optimistic that in the coming years its going to be marvellous and those innovations will be successful only when there are people who are trained and working in the field of AI.

If you have to be ready for future, then it is high time that you should start paving your path towards a career in artificial intelligence. 

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad Tentative Exam Dates

Exam dates for AI Olympiad  (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad) 2020-2021

Registration and Exam Date

School Registration Link(New School)

School Registration Link(Existing School)

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad Exam Dates

17th Sep,10th Oct and 30th Nov

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad Tentative Exam Dates

Mode of Exam Online and Offline




Declaration of Results




* Dates are tentative and subject to change.




Name of the Examination

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad Tentative Exam Dates

Participating Classes

Class 6th to 10th

Number of Questions

Class 6th to 7th – 30

Class 8th to 10th – 35

Exam Pattern

Memory Based ,Logic Based ,Application Based, Experience Based


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad Tentative Exam Fees for the year 2020-21

School Category

Currency(Price Per Student)

Indian Schools

Rs 220 for Online and Rs 250 for Offline

International Schools

USD 5 for Online and USD 8 for Offline

Reading Materials

Free to all students with Online ID and Password for all schools

Note -

- The Announcement of 2nd Level Exam date will done after the announcement of First Level Results.

- The 2nd Level Exam will be done online and qualified school will be the examination center.

-  INTERNATIONAL WINNERS- For up to 10 students getting same rank, award amount will be distributed equally. In case 11 or more students get same rank, in lieu of cash award, gifts will be awarded to each winner.

 In addition, each winner will be awarded a medal (in the applicable category) and Certificate of Outstanding.

ZONAL WINNERS- For up to 5 students getting same rank, award amount will be distributed equally. In case 6 or more students get same rank, in lieu of cash award, gifts.

In addition, each winner will be awarded a medal (in the applicable category) and Certificate of Zonal Excellence.

- A student is entitled to one award. In case he/she wins an International Award, his/her Zonal Award will be passed on to the next rank holder.

Awards and Scholarships-2020-21

Steps of Olympiad Examination for Students

First level Participants


Participation Certificate to All


Gold,Silver and Bronze to School Level

Announcement of Second Level Participants


Merit Certificate to All


Gold,Silver and Bronze to Zone Level

Awards and Medals for International Qualifier

Awards and Medals

International Participation Certificate of top 3 qualifiers each Grade

Gold Medal to International Topper with Cash Rewards and Global Recognition

Note – To get medals each class in a school should have atleast 8 student’s participants.

More Information on School Registration Process of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad,follow this link

Register your School in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad 2020-21

Syllabus Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad 2020-21


Syllabus Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad

Class 6


Class 7


Class 8


Class 9


Class 10



Learning Outcome

Learning Outcome for students using School Connect Online (AI Olympiad) as their Learning tool -

Students will be able to:

  • Identify and appreciate Artificial Intelligence (AI Olympiad) and describe its applications in daily life. Relate, apply, and reflect on human—machine interactions.
  • Identify and interact with the three domains of Artificial Intelligence: Data, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • Undergo assessment for analysing the progress towards acquired Al-readiness skills for Future.
  • Imagine, examine and reflect on the skills required for the futuristic opportunities of career.
  • Unleash your imagination towards smart homes,self driving cars, conscious robots and build an interactive story around it.
  • Understand the impact of artificial intelligence through Artificial Intelligence on Sustainable Development Goals to develop responsible citizenship.
  • Research and develop awareness of skills required for the jobs of the future in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Describe the potential ethical considerations of Artificial Intelligence. gain awareness about Al bias and Al access.
  • Develop effective communication and collaborative work skills.



1. How a school can register?

You can write us to or register your school with this Google Form, New School Registration link Existing school registration link our team will get back to you.

2. I am student of one registered school,I don't remember my password. Please help.

Don't worry. Here's what you need to do: write us to or speak to your school connect coordinator in the school.

3. Mode of Payment for School.

Both modes are available online as well as offline.

Account number- 917020078500988

Account Name- Samnish Edtech Private Limited

Bank Name and Address-AXIS Bank, Pujari complex, Pachpedi Naka, Raipur

IFSC Code-UTIB0000537

Swift code:- AXISINBB139

4. I still have a query. How do I contact you?

Send us an email to at and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

5. Where can I find the Syllabus of Olympiad Subjects?

6. Where can I see all the content?

Its available for the students registered with the school,they will get free excess to the content available for each class or more you can see the syllabus with brief info

7. Can individual participate? For the individual registrations, where will the exams be conducted?

No, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad is available to the students who are from registered school.

8. Is there any cost for study materials?

No, the study materials are free of cost.

9. Do you send test preparation material?
Ans: Yes, we do send and upload sample test papers for practice once you completed the school and student registration process and after that you will be provided with the login ID.

Q10. When is the competition held?
Ans: Exam for the year 2020-21 will be declared in the month of Nov,2020.

11.What is the last date of registration?

Ans: Will be announced in the month of August,2020.

12. How will I get the user ID and Password?
Ans: Post registrations, user ID and a Password created by AI and Robotics Olympiad will be provided to the students along with the Olympiad study material. Password can be changed after login.

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