Class 6 Olympiad Exam.

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Olympiad Exam for Class 6

Students are taking Olympiad examinations more frequently, especially the online and offline versions. Math, Science, English, Mental Ability, Social Science, and other Olympiads are all actively participated in by students in grades 1 to 12.
School Connect Olympiad is used to administer the Olympiad exams across the country.
Every year, a large number of students from various schools take the class 6 Olympiad examinations and compete against one another. The fiercely competitive School Connect Olympiad tests assess students' foundational knowledge of the topics. Students can get ready for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, NTSE, KVPY, and others by participating in these Olympiads.

List of Olympiad Exams for Class 6


Olympiad Name


International Coding Olympiad - ICO


International English Olympiad - IEO


International General Knowledge Olympiad - IGKO


International Math Olympiad - IMO


International Mental Ability Olympiad - IMAO


International Science Olympiad - ISO


International Social Science Olympiad - ISSO


Eligibility Criteria for Class 6 Olympiad Exam

1. The candidate's final educational establishment must be associated with one of the officially recognized Indian education boards, which include the State Board, ICSE, IB, CBSE, or another board. International students are welcome to participate.
2. Applicants can register for the exam on their own or directly through their schools.
3. Students in Class 6 are eligible to take the exam.
4. The SCO International Olympiad registration is now open to students.

Importance of Olympiad exam for class 6 students

The unique way each subject is approached in the SCO International Olympiad tests for class 6, which differ from regular classroom training. Not only will the kids not have to commit the information to memory, but it will also be simpler for them to comprehend. Children that take part in math and science Olympiads or similar competitions will also become more self-assured. Additionally, it will assist students in developing positive outlooks on the future and shaping their personalities. The secret to success in everything in life is healthy rivalry within oneself.

Benefits of Olympiad Exams for Class 6

1. The SCO International Olympiad assessments broaden pupils' horizons and improve their understanding at a young age. The younger children are exposed to these competitive circumstances, the more proficient they become at handling them.
2. All professions now require entrance tests, which evaluate applicants on a range of subjects like general knowledge, logical reasoning, English understanding, and more. Young kids learn from Olympiads how important it is to plan ahead.
3. The International Olympiads force students to think about an idea from various angles. It lets children apply what they've learned in real-world settings and gets them out of the classroom, both of which are crucial for their development.

Olympiad Awards 

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Olympiad Syllabus For Class 6 Mathematics

The Olympiad Syllabus For Class 6 Mathematics introduce its students with the basic concepts of Mathematics. The syllabus begins from the section called Knowing Our Numbers and ends with the section called Symmetry.

Chapter 1

Knowing Our Numbers

Chapter 2

Whole Numbers

Chapter 3

Playing With Numbers

Chapter 4

Basic Geometrical Ideas

Chapter 5

Understanding Elementary shapes

Chapter 6


Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Data Handling

Chapter 10


Chapter 11


Chapter 12

Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 13



Olympiad Syllabus For Class 6 Science

As the syllabus consists of 16 chapters as the total, book for Class VI is the best study material to read. The book is designed specifically to cover up the syllabus as a whole.

Chapter 1

Biology- Food: Where Does it Come From?

Chapter 2

Biology- Components of Food

Chapter 3

Chemistry- Fibre to Fabric

Chapter 4

Chemistry- Sorting Materials into Groups

Chapter 5

Chemistry- Separation of Substances

Chapter 6

Chemistry- Changes Around Us

Chapter 7

Biology- Getting to Know plants

Chapter 8

Biology- Body Movements

Chapter 9

Biology- The living organisms and their surrounding

Chapter 10

Motion and Measurement of Distances

Chapter 11

Physics- Light, Shadows and Reflections

Chapter 12

Physics- Electricity, and Circuits

Chapter 13

Physics- Fun With Magnets

Chapter 14

Biology- Water

Chapter 15

Chemistry- Air Around Us

Chapter 16

Biology- Garbage In, Garbage Out


Syllabus For Class 6 Social Science Olympiad - ISSO

The Social Science subject is divided into three major sections. The History section of the subject begins with the introduction of the ancient people and their life at the time. Geography starts with the introduction of the theories of the birth of Earth and the solar system. The Social and political life focuses on various modern cultures, religions, and democracy.



Social and Political Life

What, Where, How and When?

The Earth in the Solar System

Understanding Diversity

On the trail of the earliest people

Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes

Diversity and Discrimination

From gathering to growing food

Motions of the Earth

What is Government?

In the earliest cities


Key elements of a Democratic Government

What books and burials tell us?

Major Domains of the Earth

Panchayati Raj

Kingdoms, Kings, and an early republic

Major Landforms of the Earth

Rural Administration

New questions and ideas

Our Country- India

Urban Administration

Ashoka the emperor

India- Climate, Vegetation, and Wildlife

Rural Livelihood

Vital Villages, thriving towns


Urban Livelihood

Traders, Kings, and Pilgrims


New Empires and Kingdoms


Buildings, Paintings, and Books



Olympiad Syllabus for Class 6 English IEO 

The Syllabus for Class 6 English mainly includes 3 sections as major. Grammar, Applied Grammar and Writing Section.

English Grammar








Sentence and Phrases

Subject-Verb Agreement

Reported Speech

Framing Questions




Applied Grammar

Gap Filling/ Sentence

Dialogue Completion

Sentence Reordering



Sentence Transformer

Writing Section

Formal Letter

Informal Letter

Diary Entry

Notice Writing

Message Writing





Story Completion


Olympiad Syllabus for Class 6 IGKO – General Knowledge Olympiad


Chapter Name


Plants and Animals,


India and the World,


Science and Technology,


Earth and Its Environment,




Language and Literature,




Social Studies,




Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning,


Current Affairs,


Life Skills (Empathy, Effective Communication, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Coping with Stress, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Managing Emotions, Self-awareness).


Olympiad Syllabus for Class 6 IMAO – Mental Ability Olympiad


Chapter Name


Series Completion


Coding and Decoding


Alphabet Test


Mathematical Operations


Puzzle Test


Calendar Test


Number - Ranking - Time Sequence


Arithmetical Reasoning


Blood Relations


Cubes and Dices Test


Verbal Reasoning

How to Apply for Olympiad exams for Class 6?

It's really simple to register for the examinations once you realize how important it is to compete in the SCO International Olympiads and all of the benefits that come with it.
The International General Knowledge Olympiad (SCO IGKO), the International Math Olympiad (SCO IMO), the International Coding Olympiad (SCO ICO), the International English Olympiad (SCO IEO), the International Math Olympiad (SCO IMO), the International Mental Ability Olympiad (SCO Mental Ability), and the International Science Olympiad (SCO ISO) are all available as online or offline Olympiad tests for class 6.

Students may apply to take whichever SCO International Olympiad exam they choose after registering for the Class 6 Olympiad exam. To register for any of the SCO International Olympiads exams, just follow these easy steps:

Students may register directly with the school or independently. The following form must be completed by the school: it will be contacted within 48 working hours with the next steps.

Independent of the school, students can register by following these simple steps:

a. Open your browser, then copy and paste this link: 

2. A signup form shows up.
3. Provide the required information on the registration form.
4. Click OK after selecting the exam you want to sign up for.
5. Choose the day you wish to sit for the chosen Olympiad exam.
6. After carefully reading the instructions, register and pay the exam confirmation cost.
7. An email confirmation with the student ID and password is sent to the registered email address upon payment reception.
8. If a user has a student ID and password, they can gain free access to more educational resources by registering.

Dates and Fee for Class 6 Olympiad Exams

Tests for every topic are given in preparation for the Class 6 Olympiad between December and February. In order to avoid missing the deadlines, students should register for the Olympiad tests as soon as possible.

Students can select the most convenient day for their exam by viewing the Olympiad exam schedule for each subject on the website.

Exam costs for students studying and registering from India are Rs. 200 per topic. For students who are not residents of India, the cost is $15 (US dollars).

How to Prepare for Class 6 Olympiad Exams?

Students must begin studying at the beginning of the year if they wish to take the class 6 Olympiad examinations. Class 6 Olympiad exams are often given in December or February, allowing early enrollees enough time to finish their coursework.

If students wish to improve their scores, they should consult practice papers and Olympiad material. Every concept is fully explained with examples in each volume. Students in Class 6 who are enrolled in math, science, English, social science, and mental ability courses can use the worksheets from School Connect Olympiad to prepare for the Olympiad. Students can get free PDF sample papers for the class 6 Olympiad exams by visiting the website. Students can also take the class 6 Olympiad mock tests if they wish to improve their skills and become more accustomed to different types of questions.

Olympiad Exam

Sample Paper

IMO Previous Year Papers Class 6

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NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 6

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Class 6 English Olympiad Sample Paper

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Class 6 Mental Ability Sample Paper

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Class 6 Coding Olympiad Sample Paper

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Cut-off for Class 6 Olympiad Exams

The SCO International Olympiad releases a cut-off list for each class and subject after the exam. The instructor and the subject determine these deadlines. By going to the SCO International Olympiad official website - , you may see the class 6 Olympiad cut-off and rankings.

The dates for the SCO International Olympiad answer keys for each class are listed on the webpage. Usually, a week following the final exam date, answer keys are made available. Students can view the Olympiad answer key dates on the website on the page dedicated to the exam schedule. Using the answer keys, students can predict their grades.

Results of Class 6 Olympiad Exams

The results are typically released to the public one month after the Olympiad exam on the final day of the answer key. By accessing the official SCO International Olympiad website and logging in with their registered credentials, students can view the results. The level 1 results are usually released in January. Online access is provided for the third class Olympiad results.

Olympiad Awards and Recognition

Children receive awards worth INR 3 crore as part of the School Connect Olympiads. Awarded to the top 50% of scores.
b. In addition to achievement trophies, certificates of honor, and gift cards worth INR 25,000, Global Rankings 1 will also receive gift cards worth INR 40,000.
c. Every student who achieved a grade of 90 percent or above and a zonal rank of 20 or lower will earn a gold medal.
d. A Merit Certificate will be awarded to the top 25% of students.
e. The top 25% to 50% of contestants who registered for the Olympiad both independently and digitally will receive a physical copy or a digital certificate bearing the words "Hall of Fame"

NSO Free Sample PDF Papers for Class 6

NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 6

How to apply for the Olympiad exam for class 6?

If their school is not on the list of schools participating in Olympiad tests, students can apply online:

1. Register for the Olympiad exam by going to the official website.
2. Enter the necessary basic information, such as the student's name, class, gender, section, and school name and address.

How to apply for maths Olympiad for class 6?

Sixth graders are allowed to participate in the Olympiad exam. Exam registration is available to candidates through their schools or on their own. Every participating school needs to be a part of an Indian education board, like the State Board, IB, ICSE, or CBSE.

What is the Olympiad exam for class 6?

The Class 6 Olympiad is one of the most important tests a pupil will ever take. It's the most competitive exam at the school level. In addition to having an excellent academic record, getting high marks on the Olympiad Class 6 exam is crucial for a fulfilling future.

What is the syllabus of Olympiad for Class 6?

Four areas make up the course for the IMO Class 6: Achievers, Mathematical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Everyday Mathematics. Students who actively participate in these portions can improve their capacity for logical thought, their ability to solve mathematical puzzles, and their competency with common math applications.

What is the Olympiad exam for class 6?

The Class 6 Olympiad is one of the most important tests a pupil will ever take. It's the most competitive exam at the school level. In addition to having an excellent academic record, getting high marks on the Olympiad Class 6 exam is crucial for a fulfilling future.

How do I register for the Olympiad exam Class 6?

Students might choose to engage in any or all of the six subjects that these are taught in. Please click this registration link to sign up for the monthly or annual online Olympiad tests.


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