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School Connect Online backbone is the factual Implementation of proved and researched Ideas

All parents desire their children to receive the best education possible with maximum benefit of Learning and its progress, and for many kids in today’s world, this means being taught through an e-learning platform with ease of learning ability and controlled guided environment.

Using technology to access reading notes and curated videos,practice questions and tests, communications from teachers, and study guides is difficult to most parents,since class certainly wasn’t in this format when they were children and were slave to rote learning.

But, should parents adapt to the times and learn how to use e-learning platforms? Yes! Here’s why:

Connect With Teachers and School Online Using School Connect Online

School Connect Online teaching provides an effective way to learn from the comfort of your home. Parent’s time with their child should not be restricted only to school and studies. School Connect gives parent communication make it easier for them to keep track of their child’s progress from the comfort at their home and travel. We at School Connect Online aims to reduce the troubles and time of our genius parents and hope to make the precious time spent with their child worthwhile.

Active and Smart Parent

School Connect Online helps parents to monitor their child’s progress without having to leave their work and conserve time. Avoid spending on expensive personal tutors and do away with the travelling expenses of your child by simply enrolling and following the child learning and its progress.

We ensure that all the parents are proactive as we involve them by regular intimations of all learning activities.

Monitor Student's Growth

Login Portal for parents helps them stay updated about their child’s performance, schedules, reschedules, test results, teacher and School updates and other such important information on a constant basis. These features help parents keep a check on their child, which leads to disciplined performance and increased grades.


With the continuous habit of disciplined learning and progress early remedial steps can increase learning outcome.

Ease of Usage

Parents no longer must go out of their ways to reach Teachers and School as our notification feature makes it easier for them to remain updated. The online platform allow students to conduct sessions around the clock, from early mornings to late evenings. This helps students study safely in their parents’ presence at any odd hour.

School Connect Online platform provides quality education and access to best learning resources to children and ensuring Parents will never have to ask whether their child is getting the best that they deserve. We ensure the best quality of learning programs that will help your child pursue their careers from their own homes and disposal time in hand to concentrate on extra curricular activity.

Why you should choose School Connect Online

School Connect Online provide the best Disciplined and Guided learning management system that connects parents, students and teachers online. Our platform and communication tools help you to track your child's assignments, progress and learning GAP reports.

Online Learning and the Parent’s Role

One of the most common questions with online learning is “What is the parent’s role?” Although online schools often explain curricula and services, the role of parent involvement is often viewed with a cloudy haze of confusion, even after enrollment.

Being a Parent,how much useful is online Learning?

Online learning is now a day’s become very effective and easy to access best quality learning.

Parents are vitally important to student academic progress and success.

For some reason, parents think that the format of online learning gives access everything that’s educationally necessary via the Internet. Not true. A teacher and parent intervention is needed No matter the school format, the interaction and support of parents is necessary for achievement, encouragement, and accountability.School and teacher can not replace a parent’s role, nor should it.

The role of parent starts where school end and parenting begin and vice versa?

Some important pointers to help out parents –

Indeed I am Parent!

Online Learning and Management cannot be the replacement for parenting or discipline. As a parent, your role is to emphasis rules and raises your child according to your family’s values and principles. Parents are the person in control of your child’s education, not school, principals, or teachers. You make the choices.

Involve in my child studies? Yes!

Online learning requires parents to be attentive at their ease and help their child with lessons. This involves following learning progress and concept explanation, helping with homework completion, helping with extracurricular activities, interacting with teachers, and enforcing study habits.

In a nutshell  this the same thing all parents should do, no matter where a child attends and stand in school.

Parent a Role Model. 

Parents are the role models to their child which they follow. The academic behavior of child is visible with the learning activity of their child.

Model the behavior you want your online student to see. Does he see you working hard with dedication? Does he see positive and never give up attitude? Does he see never give up attitude in any difficulty? As a parent, you reap what you sow, and this is even more apparent with online learning when you (and your family) are in a closer proximity with your at-home student.

Set Your Goal. 

Without a destination and focused targeted learning outcome, your online child will quickly give up. When enrolling in an school connect online, don’t fall before you begin. Set goals and possible outcome monthly or quarterly or yearly or a convenient schedule to reach those goals. Make goals together with your child and his teachers. Include your own expectations. Combine goals to something realistic and achievable. Write goals down and place them where your child can see them!

Stand by your Child Side. 

You have to support of your student’s learning progress and gradual development. Involve with school and teacher to understand the lacunae of learning and approach to take remedial step.

You’re responsible. 

Parents should set the timetable and rules, check all homework is done, and create an at-home learning environment. Many parents jump from one schooling option (such as online learning) to another. Yes it’s true some schools learning styles better than others, but the largest difference maker in a child’s education is parent involvement.

Of course, these are basic responsibilities. When choosing an online school, parents should thoroughly research what is required of them. Discipline of learning is very important like Reading + Practice + Mock Test + Exam Preparation + Performance analysis, so to ensure the availability best learning platform with the said facility is the responsibility of Parent.

So from the perspective of School Connect Online,the more hands – on the parent is the more successful student will be.

Then you decide the role of best Parent.

FAQs for Parent

How will School Connect Online help my child?

Reading notes ,learning videos, Practice Questions, Mock Tests and Self assessment of learning progress. This helps in improving the confidence of the child when solving more challenging questions for all useful subjects or subject of his preference.

Is School Connect Online available for all subjects?

School Connect Online is available only for all subjects other then Hindi language.

Is School Connect Online helps with the preparation of SOF,IMO,IEO,NSO,ASSET,NTSE,NSTSE,NEET Foundation, JEE Foundation and competitive exams?

Yes,School Connect Online help students preparation of SOF,IMO,IEO,NSO,ASSET,NTSE,NSTSE,NEET Foundation, JEE Foundation and competitive exams.

With School Connect Online class level competition preparation is possible?

Yes,School Connect Online give student an advantage to the preparation of competitive exams like International English Olympiad(IEO),National Science Olypmiad(NSO),International Mathematics Olympiad(IMO) with classes from Grade 6th to Grade 12th.

For which classes is School Connect is appropriate?

School Connect Online has been designed currently for classes 6 through 12 - the classes that focus on developing key learning concepts in students.

How can I Subscribe/Register for School Connect Online?

Its very easy you can subscribe as a parent and help your child with the learning access or help your child to subscribe to the class with the preferable package

Is it possible for my child to learn by only following school connect online guided learning Platform?

A remarkable feature of School Connect Online is that it's a guided learning or disciplined learning platform.

This means a student will follow Reading (With Summary and Videos),Practice Questions ,Mock Test ,Exam Preparation and then performance analysis,which is vital for the graded learning development of students.

Each question in school connect online gives student ability to think and practice more and more to master the chapter, This process disciplined learning make student learner for the life time.

Would using School Connet help my child get more marks?

The focus on School Connect Online is to help the child learn well, with understanding. We believe that when children learn the basics with understanding, this has a long term impact on how they perform on those topics as well as those built upon them.

Thus we predict a strong correlation between performance in school tests and regular practicing on School Connect Online.And it is proved the more engaging learning through disciplined Studies have already indicated that students improved scores in school tests.

How do I know my child's performance in School Connect?

It’s an active process through Parent Login Portal of school connect online,with every student learning activity immediate report will come for review of parent and teacher,teacher assistance for student leaning can be tracked with the help of login portal.The reports of School Connect Online will show the level the child has reached on each topic, the time taken by the child to master a concept, the success rate and number of logins and so on. These reports give data on accuracy, time spent, content attempted, as well as skill-specific performance.

If my child says number of questions are simple, what should I do?

Simple questions ensure that the child is equipped to take on the tougher ones and ready to take challenge.It is observed that students are able to do certain questions, yet some of the basics are not completely clear. This affects later learning progress. Therefore, even if the questions appear simple, the child should attempt these questions.

What happens after my child has finished all the topics assigned to her?

It’s a great achievement since the learning progress is ensured successful completion of the topic.Now, she has the flexibility of visiting any topic she wishes to revise or practice. Please note that data to report progress on every topic is based on the child's last completed attempt.

Does my child need to do School Connect Online everyday?

It is ideal if your child is regular on School Connect Online and spends half an hour each day solving and practicing questions until and unless has satisfaction to achieved learning goal. 

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