Performance. Measure and manage the learning activity.

Performance report developed by students in school connect online are very exclusive for them to measure and manage the learning activity. It gives the analysis and identification of weakness and strengths to take very important step to plan academic challenge to compete school exams, IMO, NSO, IEO, NSTSE, NTSE, NEET, JEE, KVPY and many more competitive exams.

Performance Management helps student to assess the ability to manage the goal and compare with the competitors, as well as measuring the milestone of success of any competition. Also, it gives the self-paced learning growth and its reporting with every academic activity.

Never had been before, School Connect Online helping students to analyze real time strength and weakness analysis report so remedial steps can be taken before actual exams. Your subject knowledge growth is necessary to analyze every month, so the desired outcome with real live competition can be achieved. School Connect helps you to understand reach your real goal of achievement with effective style of performance management followed by four important process read, practice and test.

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