Reading Material. Guided Learning Methodology.

School Connect is the only platform in India which supports the Guided Learning Methodology. It’s a process which gives student a discipline of Learning which starts with Read, Practice, Mock Test and Analyse. Read is the first and most important process, School Connect Online give students an opportunity to read best reading notes and more then 37,000+ videos or approximately 6000+ video learning hours.

Guided Learning Methodology means School Connect has divided all chapters into Topics,and has description of each and every topics it also has atleast five videos each topic with very easy to understand language,so "Students can become learner for life". Why Guided Learning is important because it is the process which gives you progressive learning and knowledge for each chapter with relevant topics.

School connect is the only platform which gives variety of videos each topic,so students can pick their best videos for their benefit and ease of Learning. School Students has an advantage of taking teachers Learning notes, Selected Learning Videos

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