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IMO Maths Olympiad class 4

One subject that requires idea mastery for kids is mathematics. One of the most crucial components of studying mathematics is thorough practise, and the International Maths Olympiad (IMO) is one such venue where students are taught the basics.

The School Connects Online - International Math Olympiad is an annual event. Students in grades 1 to 12 may participate. These tests consist entirely of multiple-choice questions. The Olympiad test also lays the groundwork for children to succeed academically. Students have an advantage over their peers while tackling challenging questions thanks to it.

IMO Registration Class 4

Students who aspire to compete at the national and international levels should enrol in Math Olympiad Class 4.

Previous exam questions from the class 4 Math Olympiad will aid pupils in honing and improving their problem-solving abilities. Students may feel confident in their ability to respond to multiple questions in this class four mathematics Olympiad.

These class 4 IMO questions are MCQ-based and ask students to use both logical and quantitative reasoning. It is acceptable to practise various question kinds that might not be included in school textbooks.

Even the act of administering these Olympiad tests encourages self-learning and motivates pupils to perform better on their schoolwork.

Eligibility Requirements for the International Math Olympiad for Class 4

a. Student may register either independently or via their school for the class 4 Math Olympiad test.

b. Students taking the test should be from accredited educational institutions, such as the State Board, ICSE, CBSE, and IB.

c. Candidates from any countries may sign up to take the School Connect Olympiad test.

d. There are two levels to the test for class 4.

Class 4 Maths Olympiad Registration Process

Class 4 pupils can enrol by themselves or through their schools for the international mathematical Olympiad.

The Math Olympiad is open to Class 4 students through their school. Click here to register and complete this form. -

Within 24 business hours of the process' completion, the school will be informed of the next stages, which include an email confirmation of its registration and school code.

Students who enrol independently of their school and wish to take the Class 4 Math Olympiad online test should adhere to these simple steps:

1. Open a browser and paste this link into it:

2. It shows a registration form.

3. Fill out the registration form with mandatory fields.

4. Select the exam you wish to register and click OK.

5. Choose the exam day you want for the chosen Olympiad.

6. Register and pay the exam confirmation fee after carefully reading the instructions.

7. After the payment has been received, an email confirmation containing the student ID and password is sent to the registered email address.

8. A registered user will have free access to additional educational resources if they have a student ID and password.

IMO class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper : Free PDF Download

The International Maths Olympiad class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper is available here in PDF format to aid students in their test preparation. By working through the IMO Maths Sample Question Paper for Class 4, students become familiar with the format of the test and assess their level of preparation. The reason for this is that the IMO class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper was created by specialists taking into account the most recent exam format and the IMO class 4 syllabus.

Furthermore, every significant issue from the standpoint of the test is included in the IMO class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper. Therefore, the Math Sample Question Paper for IMO Class 4 provides valuable experience in answering any question on the Olympiad test and aids in revision. Through the link below, students can download the IMO class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper PDF and practice the problems whenever it is convenient for them.

IMO Olympiad Important Questions for Class 4 with Solutions

This page contains an IMO Olympiad Important Question for Class 4 in the form of a free PDF download. The subjects covered in their school syllabus are included in the IMO Class 4 syllabus. Exam questions are constructed using conceptual thinking and logical reasoning.

Getting good grades on the Class 4 exam can be achieved by answering key questions correctly. Expert tutors have produced the Math Olympiad crucial questions for Class 4, which might aid pupils in comprehending the format and nature of the exam's questions. This page contains comprehensive information regarding the Class 4 IMO Math Olympiad course. This can assist students in creating a study schedule and getting ready for the test.

Maths Olympiad for Class 4 Exam Date

Dates and Fee for Class 4 Maths Olympiad

Every year, between the months of November and January, second-graders compete in the School Connect Mathematics Olympiad. To lessen anxiety on test day, it is advisable to register for the exams in advance. By taking part in the Olympiad, contestants can thoroughly understand the dates for the Class 2 Math Olympiad exams.

School Connect Mathematics Olympiad Registration Fee details - The exam costs Rs. 200 for students who are studying and registering from India. Children who reside outside of India and are enrolled in school must pay $8 (US).



Olympiad Name

Price [INR]

Price [USD]

First Exam Date

Second Exam Date

Third Exam Date

Fourth Exam Date

Fifth Exam Date


SCO International Math Olympiad (SCO IMO)









SCO International Science Olympiad (SCO ISO)









Benefits of Math Olympiad for Class 4

1. Students comprehend the primary exam questions.

2. The Sample Paper provides a hint at the main exam's components.

3. It provides a general sense of the questions that will be asked in each part.

4. Students learn about the type of questions that will be asked and the degree of difficulty.

5. Students can download these class 4 Math Olympiad sample papers in PDF format and use them to practise for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Class 4 Maths Olympiad Syllabus

The Math Olympiad curriculum is essential to the preparatory process. Students that take the test benefit from the fact that the exam's material is based on and almost identical to the current school curriculum, although with a little more difficulty. Number System,Operation on Numbers,Roman Numerals,Factors and multiples,Fraction,Decimals,Geometrical Concepts,Area and Perimeter of Geometrical Figures,Graphical Representation of Data,Data Handling,Logical Reasoning are among the subjects covered in the class 4 Math Olympiad programme. Students may get the School Connect Mathematics Olympiad curriculum on the Olympiad official website.

Syllabus for Math Olympiad Exams Class 4

IMO class 4 level 2 syllabus




Number System


Operation on Numbers


Roman Numerals


Factors and multiples






Geometrical Concepts


Area and Perimeter of Geometrical Figures


Graphical Representation of Data


Data Handling


Logical Reasoning


Cut-off & Answer Key for Class 4 Maths Olympiad

Following the test, each student's exam/student dashboard will have a cut-off list for the Class 4 School Connect Mathematics Olympiad.

Using the Olympiad answer key, students have a rare opportunity to predict their performance. A week after the last SLOT Olympiad test and following the completion of all test SLOTs, School Connect Olympiads always makes the Class 1 Maths Olympiad answer key available. The student login dashboard provides access to these answer key dates.

Results of Class 4 Maths Olympiad

One month after the finish date of the answer keys, the results of the second-grade School Connect Mathematics Olympiad for both levels are usually made available. To obtain the results, competitors merely need to go to the Olympiad's official website and log in with their specific credentials. Results from Level 1 are typically released in January.

Olympiad Prizes

a. As part of the School Connect Olympiads, children receive prizes worth a total of INR 3 crore. Awards are given to the top 50% of performers.

b. In addition to accomplishment trophies, certificates of distinction, and gift cards worth INR 25,000, Global Rankings 1 will also get a gift card worth INR 40,000.

c. Each student who obtained a grade of 90 percent or more and a zonal rank of 20 or below will get a gold medal.

d. A Merit Certificate will be awarded to the top 25% of students.

e. To the top 25% to 50% of competitors who enrolled for the Olympiad both independently and through their school, a physical copy or a digital certificate inscribed with the words "Hall of Fame" will be given.

How to prepare for Class 4 Maths Olympiad?

Exam papers from prior years that covered the whole curriculum may contain all the topics and questions that are relevant to the students. The students' ability to assess the questions that are asked more frequently, the weighting of each item in prior years, the distribution of marks for each topic, and much more makes studying more simpler for them. It is now easier to provide a thorough evaluation assessment.

You can rehearse the Class 4 maths Olympiad problems for free if your child is registered for any School Connect Olympiad competition (other than IGKO).

In the present, fierce competition for the School Connect Olympiad Math Olympiads, preparation is essential. Utilising books will significantly aid your preparation for a Math Olympiad competition if you get started early. There will be more time for you to study using a variety of resources and put your knowledge to use.

In addition to studying the books and online practise questions, you will do better on the actual test if you are aware of the level of competition and expectations. You are the only one who can win the contest. The free online study tools offered by School Connect Olympiad are available to all students who have registered for the Olympiad test, allowing them to use them to increase the effectiveness of their preparation.

Preparation Material


Class 4 Maths Olympiad Sample Paper

Check here

Class 4 Maths Olympiad Previous Year Paper

Check here

Class 4 Maths Olympiad Workbook

Check here

IMO class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper 1: Free PDF Download

Students may access the class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper 1 from School Connect Olympiad free study materials here to aid in test preparation. The IMO Maths Sample Question Paper 1 for Class 4 helps students become familiar with the test format and gauge their level of preparedness.  The reason for this is that the IMO class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper 1 was created by specialists using the most recent exam format and IMO class 4 syllabus. 

The IMO class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper 1 also covers all the crucial subjects from the standpoint of the test. Therefore, the IMO class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper 1 aids in review and provides students with useful practise in answering any question that may appear in the Olympiad test. Through the link below, students may download the IMO class 4 Maths Sample Question Paper 1 pdf and practise the questions whenever it is most convenient for them.

International Maths Olympiad (IMO) Exam Pattern

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Stage -1 Pattern




No. of Questions

Marks per Question

Total Marks

1 to 4

Logical Reasoning





Mathematical Reasoning





Everyday Mathematics





Achievers Section





Grand Total




5 to 12

Logical Reasoning





Mathematical Reasoning





Everyday Mathematics





Achievers Section





Grand Total





Learning support from School Connect Online for Olympiad Studies

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)  on School Connect Online


Practice Questions

Study Materials


Chapter wise

Reading Notes


Mock Tests

Free Videos


Maths Reasoning

Learning Platform


Achievers Practice questions

Performance Update


Sample Papers

Competition Update

How to prepare for IMO Class 4 and class 4 IMO level 2 ?

Students can use the Class 4 past exam papers and NCERT textbooks for preparation. 60% of the Class 4 Syllabus and 40% of the Class 4 Syllabus will be used for Level I questions. There will be questions from the Class 4 syllabus in the Achievers segment.

Refer to IMO sample papers for class 4 level 2 ,IMO level 2 class 4 question paper ,IMO level 2 class 4 book for class 4 IMO level 2 preparation.

How to study for IMO exam?

You may begin preparing for IMO after you are comfortable with all of the theories and solutions for every problem. As soon as you have memorised the mathematical concepts and solutions, take practise tests and finish as many sample papers as you can. Utilise as many sample test questions as you can while studying.

Which Olympiad is best for Class 4?

Olympiad Exams for Class 4 - Their Names and Details

  1. SCO International Coding Olympiad (SCO ICO)
  2. SCO International English Olympiad (SCO IEO)
  3. SCO International General Knowledge Olympiad (SCO IGKO)
  4. SCO International Math Olympiad (SCO IMO)
  5. SCO International Mental Ability Olympiad (SCO Mental Ability)
  6. SCO International Science Olympiad (SCO ISO)
  7. SCO International Social Science Olympiad (SCO ISSO)

What is the syllabus for maths olympiad for Class 4?

The syllabus for class 4 Mathematics Olympiad of School Connect Olympiad – Number System,Operation on Numbers,Roman Numerals,Factors and multiples,Fraction,Decimals,Geometrical Concepts,Area and Perimeter of Geometrical Figures,Graphical Representation of Data,Data Handling,Logical Reasoning

How do I prepare for Class 4 Olympiad?

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  • IMO class 4 previous papers pdf
  • IMO workbook class 4 pdf free download
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IMO Class 4 Practice Notes - 

IMO Class 4 Chapter 1: Number System

IMO Class 4 Chapter 2: Roman Numerals

IMO Class 4 Chapter 3: Factors and Multiples

IMO Class 3 Chapter 4: Money

IMO Class 4 Chapter 4: Fraction

IMO Class 4 Chapter 5: Decimal Numbers

IMO Class 4 Chapter 6: Geometrical Concepts

IMO Class 4 Chapter 7: Area and Perimeter of Geometrical Figures

IMO Class 4 Chapter 8: Graphical Representation of Data

IMO Class 4 Chapter 9: Logical Reasoning

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