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CBSE Class 9 Syllabus for Social Science History

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History is the study of how societies, governments, businesses, households, and individuals allocate their scarce resources.

The study of History can also provide valuable knowledge for making decisions in everyday life and better understanding of our past and its origin.

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Practice Questions with Solutions for Class 9 History

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CBSE Syllabus For Class 9 Social Science: India And The Contemporary World – I (History)

The CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 History is given below. The three themes in the first sub-unit are compulsory. From the second subunit, any one theme can be chosen.

Sub-Unit 1.1: Events And Processes: In this unit, the focus is on three events and processes that have shaped the identity of the modern world. Each represents a different form of politics and a specific combination of forces. One event is linked to the growth of liberalism and democracy, one with socialism, and one with a negation of both democracy and socialism.

Chapter 1: The French Revolution

(a) The Ancient Regime and its Crises

(b) The Social Forces that led to the Revolution

(c) The Different Revolutionary Groups and Ideas of the Time

(d) The Legacy

Chapter 2: Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution

(a) The Crises of Tzarism.

(b) The Nature of Social Movements between 1905 and 1917.

(c) The First World War and Foundation of Soviet State.

(d) The Legacy.

Chapter 3: Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

(a) The Growth of Social Democracy

(b) The Crises in Germany.

(c) The Basis of Hitler’s Rise to Power.

(d) The Ideology of Nazism.

(e) The Impact of Nazism.

Sub-Unit 1.2: Livelihoods, Economies, and Societies: The themes in this section will focus on how different social groups grapple with the changes in the contemporary world and how these changes affect their Lives.

Chapter 4: Forest Society and Colonialism

(a) The Relationship between Forests and Livelihoods

(b) Changes in Forest Societies under Colonialism

Case studies: Focus on two forest movements one in colonial India (Bastar) and one in Indonesia.

Chapter 5: Pastoralists in the Modern World

(a) Pastoralism as a Way of Life

(b) Different Forms of Pastoralism

(c) What Happens to Pastoralism under Colonialism and Modern States?

Case studies: Focus on two pastoral groups, one from Africa and one from India.

Chapter 6: Peasants and Farmers

(a) Histories of the Emergence of Different Forms of Farming and Peasant Societies

(b) Changes in Rural Economies in the Modern World

Case studies: Focus on contrasting forms of rural change and different forms of rural societies (expansion of large-scale wheat and cotton farming in USA, rural economy and the Agricultural Revolution in England, and small peasant production in colonial India)

CBSE Syllabus For Class 9 Social Science: List Of Map Items For Social Science

Subject – History

Chapter 1: The French Revolution: Outline map of France (for locating and labeling/identification)

  1. Bordeaux
  2. Nantes
  3. Pans
  4. Marseilles

Chapter 2: Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution: Outline map of World (for locating and labeling/identification)

  1. Major countries of First World War
    (Central Powers and Allied Powers)
    Central Powers – Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey (Ottoman Empire)
    Allied Powers – France, England, (Russia), America

Chapter 3: Nazism and the Rise of Hitler: Outline Map of World (for locating and labeling/identification)

  1. Major countries of Second World War
    Axis Powers – Germany, Italy, Japan
    Allied Powers – UK, France, Former USSR, USA
  2. Territories under German expansion (Nazi power)
    Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia (only Slovakia shown in the map), Denmark, Lithuania, France, Belgium


1. India and the Contemporary World – I History – Published by NCERT.
2. Contemporary India – I Geography – Published by NCERT.
3. Democratic Politics – I Published by NCERT.
4. Economics – Published by NCERT .
5. Together, Towards a Safer India – Part II, a textbook on Disaster Management for Class IX – Published by CBSE.

Expert tips on How to Prepare for Class 9 Social Science

-Read the course once without trying to remember it, just read like you would read the newspaper and try to understand it

-Prioritize your subjects and topics according to marks weight-age and easy and difficult chapters, use this list to create a practical study schedule

-Take notes for specific points you feel are important and you are likely to forget, in addition to school notes

-Create a chart with important dates, flip through it often and you will find that you are able to easily remember the dates

-Study subject-wise rather than from all topics combined; they were separated for a reason

-Use flash cards for definitions

-Also make flash cards for various history events; flash cards help for fun and quick revision

-Practice map work by tracing the important locations you want to remember, then try locating on a blank map

-Understand economics and political science, its better than to try to memorize

-Solve previous year papers/ sample papers to practice writing within word limits 

-Keep at least one month for revision

-Use mnemonics to remember details

Although social science may seem dull, use study tools to make it fun. Flash cards, timelines, colorful charts and funny mnemonics can help you study in addition to textbook and notes reading. 

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