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Maths Olympiad for class 9 registration

Every year, School Connect Olympiad holds an international mathematics competition for ninth graders. For the class 9 mathematics Olympiad, kids from all around the world compete in large numbers. In the School Connect Mathematics Olympiad exam, a variety of skills are tested, including reasoning ability, data interpretation, problem-solving skills, calculation speed, problem-solving accuracy, and the capacity to cover a wide range of material. The exam aims to improve students' mathematics abilities. One of the top online Math Olympiads for class 9 is the School Connect Olympiad, which is used by 400,000 students from 23,000 schools.

Olympiad Previous Year Question Papers for Class 9

The most recent International Math Olympiad Class 10 test style was used to write all of the Science Olympiad for Class 9 Sample Papers With Solutions Pdf. To learn more about the next IMO Exam 2024, the exam, Maths Olympiad Class 10 Previous Year Question Paper, the exam pattern, and other topics, download this paper in PDF format and read it cover to cover.

Download IMO Class 10 Previous Year Papers Pdf

Eligibility Criteria for Class 9 International Maths Olympiad

IMO Maths Olympiad Eligibility Criteria For Classes 1 to 12

Every year, School Connect Olympiad holds the International Maths Olympiad, or IMO, for kids in Classes 1 to 12 around the world. The exam is held to introduce the young generation from around the world to the difficulties of the mathematics subject.

Based on their scores in the IMO exam, candidates are ranked. Students can evaluate their performance at five levels when the results are announced: School, city, region, zone, and the entire above-international level.

The eligibility requirements are important for students who want to take part in IMO 2024-25 since they let them know if they qualify for the exam. We have covered all the IMO Eligibility Criteria for Classes from 1 to 12 in order to assist students. To find out if they qualify for the future IMO exam, students planning to apply for the IMO 2024-25 exam should read the entire article.

a. Students can register either through their schools or independently if they want to take the Math Olympiad test for class 9.

b. Exam applicants from all around the world are welcome to submit applications.

c. There are two levels to the test for class 9.

d. Those who pass the first level are qualified to participate in level 2.

Class 9 IMO sample papers | IMO class 9 level 2 | IMO mock test for class 9 | IMO workbook class 9 pdf download free

Benefits of Maths Olympiad for Class 9

1. The ninth-grade math Olympiad affects how a student wants to design his or her career. It seeks to boost pupils' self-assurance so they can strive to outperform all of their peers.

2. After taking and preparing for the worldwide Math Olympiad examinations, the challenging formulae and ideas that once felt overwhelming start to seem simple and straightforward.

3. The major goal of the class 9 maths olympiad is to develop young students' aptitude and inspire them to learn mathematics in a more engaging and meaningful way.

4.Students can study and practise a range of things, including reasoning, analytical, and problem-solving abilities, and it helps them acquire the correct exposure to new skills.

Class 9 Maths Olympiad Registration Process

Class 9 students have the option of signing up independently or through their local schools for the international mathematical Olympiad.

The school may sign up students in Class 9 for the Math Olympiad. Fill out this form to register by clicking here -

Within 24 working hours of finishing, the school will be informed of the next stages, including an email confirmation of the school's registration and school code.

Students who enlist independently of their school and want to take the class 9 Math Olympiad online test should follow these simple steps:

1. Open a browser and paste this link into it:

2. A registration form is shown.

3. Fill out the registration form completely.

4. Select the test at the bottom of the details section on the registration form you want to utilise.

5. Select the exam date you desire for the selected Olympiad.

6. After carefully reading the directions, send the money.

7. After the money has been made, an email confirmation with the student ID and password is sent to the registered email address.

8. Registered users will receive free access to extra educational resources if they have a student ID and password.

Class 9 Maths Olympiad Syllabus

The Class 9 International Mathematical Olympiad is regarded as being very challenging.The School Connect Olympiad Mathematics Olympiad is evidently difficult, but individuals who understand the content well and are knowledgeable about it can easily ace the exam.


Chapter Name


Number System




Coordinate Geometry


Linear Equations In two variables


Lines and Angles






Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles






Herons Formula


Surface areas and Volumes






Dates and Fee for Class 9 Maths Olympiad

The School Connect Mathematics Olympiad for students in class 9 is held each year in the months of November and January. It is advised to register for the tests in advance to prevent last-minute stress. Candidates can fully comprehend the dates for the class 9 Maths Olympiad exams by visiting the olympiad official website.

School Connect Mathematics Olympiad Registration Fee details - The exam costs Rs. 200 for students studying and enrolling from India. For students who are residing outside of India and are studying, the cost is $8 (US).


Olympiad Name

Price [INR]

Price [USD]

First Exam Date

Second Exam Date

Third Exam Date

Fourth Exam Date

Fifth Exam Date


SCO International Math Olympiad (SCO IMO)









SCO International Science Olympiad (SCO ISO)









Olympiad Maths for class 9

FAQs for Class 9 IMO – International Math Olympiad

How to prepare for Class 9 Maths Olympiad?

Students can find all themes and questions by consulting previous years' papers, which include questions from the full syllabus. The students can analyse what is asked more frequently, the marks distribution for each topic, the weighting of each item in previous years, and much more, which makes preparing much simpler for them. This aids in giving a thorough examination analysis.

Maths Olympiad questions for class 9 are available for practice for all the students registered for any Olympiad of School Connect Olympiad (Except IGKO)

In today's fierce competition for the Math Olympiads by School Connect Olympiad, preparation is of utmost importance. You have more time to study using a variety of resources and practise a lot if you start your preparation early. a maths competition The use of books can really help you prepare. Knowing the level of competition and what is expected of you, in addition to the books, is the key to performing better on the actual exam. Only you can outperform the competition. Increase the effectiveness of your preparation using School Connect Olympiad's free online study resources for all students registered for the Olympiad exam.

Preparation Material


Class 9 Maths Olympiad Sample Paper

Check here

Class 9 Maths Olympiad Previous Year Paper

Check here

Class 9 Maths Olympiad Workbook

Check here


Cut-off & Answer Key for Class 9 Maths Olympiad

The School Connect Mathematics Olympiad for class 9 cut-off list is made public following the examination.

The cutoff is used to determine the minimum score needed for pupils to pass a test. Level 1 and level 2 cut-off lists are made available separately. By visiting the official website, students can view the class 9 Maths Olympiad cut-off and rankings.

The Olympiad answer key offers pupils a special opportunity to predict their results in advance. After the completion of all Exam SLOTS and one week following the last SLOT Olympiad examination, School Connect Olympiads always publishes the class 9 Maths Olympiad solution key. The student login dashboard makes these answer key dates available.

Results of Class 9 Maths Olympiad

The results for both levels of the internationally recognised School Connect Mathematics Olympiad for class 9 are typically made public one month following the end date of the answer keys. Candidates only need to visit the Olympiad official website and log in using their unique credentials to access the results. Most frequently, level 1 results are announced in January.

Olympiad Prizes

a. Astonishing prizes of INR 3 crore are given to pupils by School Connect Olympiads. There are prizes for 50% of the top scores.

b. Global Rankings 1 will be given INR 40,000 in gift cards. 2-5 are awarded merit certificates, achiever's trophies, and INR 25,000 gift vouchers.

c. A gold medal will be awarded to every student who received a grade of 90 percent or above and a zonal rank of 20 or lower.

d. The top 25% of students will get a Merit Certificate.

e. The top 25% to 50% of applicants who enrolled for the Olympiad individually and those who registered through their school will get a digital certificate with the words "Hall of Fame" and a physical copy.

f. Check Award details here

Class 9 Maths Olympiad FAQs

1. What are the best ways to prepare for class 9 Olympiad of Maths examinations?

Below are a few tips that will help students prepare for the class 9 Maths Olympiad examination:

  • The following advice can assist students in getting ready for the Math Olympiad exam for class 9.
  • The test's schedule and topic matter must be properly understood, and both can typically be obtained on the Olympiad official website.
  • The curriculum for the Olympiad topic should finally be completed, giving students an important chance for practise and review.
  • Anyone can gain from having a good schedule since it encourages positive behaviours and allows for the storage and correction of data.
  • It is also suggested that students finish the question paper from the previous year to gain a better sense of the kinds of questions they can encounter.
  • Always keep your focus on the current issue.
  • In order to respond to questions that assess one's comprehension of the subject, Olympiads aid one in developing their aptitude for logical reasoning and thinking.
  • It's important to allow enough time for oneself to fully absorb the subject and unwind in a way that will support memory retention.
  • The students can then use the required techniques to strengthen their weak areas and more effectively get ready for the exam.
  • Students are urged to constantly study with their notes in addition to being cautioned not to overwork themselves and discouraging them from studying subject just before an exam.
  • The test-related curriculum must be completed, and then time should be set aside to talk about more delicate topics.

2. Are there any reference books available for class 9 Olympiad of Maths preparation?

Few are listed below that students can refer to -

For all Olympiad exam registered students of School Connect Olympiad get free best online learning materials.

3. Does the class 9 School Connect Olympiad of Maths examinations consist of multiple-choice questions?

Exams for the School Connect Math Olympiad rank among one of the best Olympiad exam given at the national and worldwide levels to gauge candidates' aptitude. The exam is often administered in two levels using the multiple-choice question format.

4. What are the types of questions asked in class 9 Olympiad of Maths examinations?

The School Connect Olympiad exam is divided into two sections namely:

Section-1: Practical Mathematics

Section-2: Achievers Section

Section- 3 – Case studies

5. Whom should I contact for queries related to Maths Olympiad exams for class 9?

For any query related to the Maths Olympiad exams for class 9, use the below details to get resolved.

7. What are the important resources for Class 9 Math Olumpiad students?

IMO class 9 2016 question paper
IMO class 9 pdf
IMO class 9 workbook pdf
IMO level 2 mock test class 9
IMO level 2 sample papers class 9
IMO mock test class 9
IMO prep guide class 9
IMO previous year papers class 9
IMO previous year papers for class 9 free download
IMO sample papers for class 9 level 1
maths olympiad sample papers for class 9 with answers
self study IMO class 9

School Connect Olympiads contact number: Please reach to our website for immediate chat and response and service and School can call their Olympiad coordinator from School Connect Olympiad.
School Connect Olympiads email:

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